Response to the Lenders Objections PHH Mortgage

“When your paperwork is woefully incomplete in a foreclosure case, you can ask for a delay or you can drop the case or have it dismissed, and you usually get another chance. Bankruptcy, by contrast, is kind of a one-shot deal by nature. The judge will add up all the debts, add up all the … Continue reading

Washington ERISA Class Action Wamu – DATAMINE for Foreclosure Evidence

In re Washington Mutual, Inc., Securities Litigation Court: United States District Court, Western District of Washington Case Number: 07-cv-1809 Judge: Hon. Marsha J. Pechman Case Contacts: Chad Johnson, Hannah Greenwald Ross, Jerald Bien-Willner, Katherine McCracken Sinderson “Securities class action filed on behalf of investors in Washington Mutual, Inc. (“Washington Mutual” or the “Company”) against the … Continue reading

Washington ERISA Class Action DATAMINE for Foreclosure Evidence

Response to the lenders objections PHH Mortgage

Judges Drains Order PHH Mortgage

Wells Fargo vs Martha L. Melga Judge Mayer NY

“The original lender, WMC Mortgage Corp., apparently had the mortgage assigned to entities other than this plaintiff: however, there is no proof of assignments annexed to the moving papers and no proof that this plaintiff is the proper plaintiff.”

Tampa Bay Companies Help Lenders Transfer Home Loans, Foreclose

Lies a new Tool in Foreclosures

Sheridan Decision Idaho Bankruptcy Judge Myers

Idaho Takes the Lead: In re Sheridan — Real Party Must Have Actual Pecuniary Interest. “The real party in interest in relief from stay is whoever is entitled to enforce the obligation sought to be enforced. Even if a servicer or agent has authority to bring the motion on behalf of the holder, it is … Continue reading

I am an attorney so I decided to sue my lender…

“I am an attorney who has taken “produce the note” one step further. I am current on my mortgage, and actually what prompted me to take the action I am taking is that I had paid off my second mortgage but my lender refused to surrender my paid off second mortgage note. My lender also … Continue reading

I am an attorney so I decided to sue my lender…

Fair Game If Lenders Say ‘The Dog Ate Your Mortgage’

By GRETCHEN MORGENSON Published: October 24, 2009 FOR decades, when troubled homeowners and banks battled over delinquent mortgages, it wasn’t a contest. Homes went into foreclosure, and lenders took control of the property. On top of that, courts rubber-stamped the array of foreclosure charges that lenders heaped onto borrowers and took banks at their word … Continue reading

MERS Legal Issues in Mortgage Technology

Email from Reader – Take out mortgage fraud and you’ll Take out the derivative fraud

My suggestion is simply: Kill the Global Mortgage Fraud; Kill the Global Banking Fraud. This suggestion is very simple and could have a MASSIVE impact on this “Global Mortgage Fraud Scheme” if people stand up and fight. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that The Mortgage Fraud Scheme is the source propping up … Continue reading

Wells Fargo Loses Appeal Regarding Assignments