Foreclosure Subprime Mortgage Lending and MERS

9 Responses to “Foreclosure Subprime Mortgage Lending and MERS”
  1. Linda says:

    Sorry Vicki, I thought I lost my first response and re-responded, by mistake.

    • bob migliaccio says:

      linda hi i hope this e-mail finds you might Bob and I wish that you could please contact me at the I have a subprime loan also it would like to talk with you further about how to fight the foreclosure on it thanks Bob

  2. Linda says:

    You can get your home back for sure. I will help you. I am just a homeowner who is winning. I filed a Lis Pendens and tiny nonsensical 4 page complaint the day before Lendia, MERS and GMAC attempted the fake sale on October 5, 2010. I still have my home and they won’t return to court. I am in the process of drafting and filing a Motion to Dismiss and for Quiet Title in the Magistrate Court where I answered and counterclaimed within 7 days their Affidavit of Summons for Dispossessory on November 1, 2010; and refilling my 200-page Complaint in the Federal Court.

    I’ve studied the federal and state statutes, codes, regulations and rules, hundreds of foreclosure fraud litigation pleadings and documents, SEC filings, defense sites, articles, among other things, day-and-night since October 3rd. I guarantee you can get your home back. I don’t have a business, I didn’t get any forensic audits or anything like that. I just put everything I read that applied to my case in my pleadings, which all of it did. I have included any and everything I was made aware of with respect to the fraud committed against me and my property while the gangsters’ forced me into illegal and predatory securitization, origination, servicing and foreclosure of what I thought were a loan and HELOC to purchase my property in 2004. The entire RICO enterprise and business models are all revealed now and you can use it all, as I am sure it all applies to your case as well.

    • JC LINN says:

      let’s talk. I had an approved loan mod from BOA, paid beyond the 3 months trial and have paperwork signed for the loan mod. Then, they say they canceled it due to income–but never told me! So, they took the mod payment, and each 2 months paid one and foreclosed because they said I was 10 months behind! Even at 2 for one, I am not that far behind. They NEVER notified me of acceleration and foreclosure until 2 March, advertised FIRST TIME on 8 March, will again on 15 March and SELL on the 16th!!!!!!!! Chain of custody is pooched too, but hardly any time to act! JC sends . . . 888-848-8921

    • Maureen says:

      Ok….Linda, I was just about to give up and then I read your blog this morning. My story:
      My husband had a friend who coaxed us into buying a home we would flip. Septenber 14, 2006
      Mableton , Georgia, 265000.oo Two loans paid off first balloon on our primary dwelling in CA.
      MERS, New Century, Homeq, Ocwen…I need help! I am a school teacher with a perfect credit score, 3 straight A students and I am paying the banks instead of a retirement fund or college tuition.
      Please help me!

  3. Vicki Baker says:

    My original lender was People’s Choice Home Loan In 2006, they went bankrupt in 2007, then they assigned it to DLJ Mortgage Capital. They stole my home. I lost it as of November 30th 2010. I never made the first payment to People’s Choice or DLJ, therefore I have no contract with either one. If anyone has any ideas how I could possibly get my property back I would appreciate the help. I fought off the crooks for 31/2 years, just ran out of time. Thank you, Vicki Baker

    • Linda says:

      You can get your house back. You first need to file a proper complaint in your local court saying all the right things. You will win for sure. Have you read themany decisions from judges who realize the fraud now, and pleadings of pro se and attorney litigants that are winning everyday. I stopped my foreclosure by filing a Lis Pendens and tiny 4 page nonsensical complaint in Superior Court the day before fake sale, October 5, 2010, and I still have it. Lendia, MERS and GMAC can do nothing with my allegations; they have run from two courts, since I filed an Amended Complaint in federal court, and an Answer and Counterclaim to their Affidaivt of Summons for Dispossessory in the Magistrate Court. The Defendants removed my original complaint to USDC NGa, as they always do; they have an advantage in Federal Court I guess, but it didn’t work in my case. I didn’t request to remand it back to Superior, I just fought it there, and kept the fight for motion to dismiss and quiet title in the Magistrate Court with their Dispossessory attempt. I will help youi if you like…Arizona has excellent case law. When you get the case to court, it will not be difficult to get quiet title in your local court, and file for major damages in federal court.. You can do this yourself, pro se HOMEOWNERS are winning across the nation now that the fraud is fully exposed.

      • Michele says:

        Hi Linda, I would love your input or your help to win my house, I am victim of predatory lending, and Mers is all over our loan docs. I would appreciate your help

    • Bill says:

      Hi Linda,

      I would love to speak to you or email you.

      I live in Ohio and am getting ready to file a lis pendens for my primary, Not in Foreclosure, but with fraud committed at time of closing.

      I also lost 3 rental properties and am trying to get them back via clouded title.
      Please contact me via email or leave your email on this message.


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