Deutsche Bank v. Bank of America 11-25-09

This is an action for damages for breach of contract resulting from BOA’s failure to secure and safeguard over $1.25 billion worth of cash and mortgage loans that it was contractually obligated to secure on behalf of DB and contractual indemnity for the losses caused by BOA’s negligent performance of its duties to DB.


  1. anon says:

    Hilarious. Two evil banks.

  2. Ron Moss says:

    Consumer Protection office of AG in Washington State should be changed to Criminal Protection office under Rob McKenna.

  3. Alabama John says:

    The real uproar will come when those that stay and pay do not get their original note back marked paid in full at the end of their loan term.

    Especially if another company they have never heard of says they still owe who knows how long and much.

    Who and how much do you really owe? WE all would like to know that!

  4. Craig S. Warga says:

    My mortgage is with the BOA why am I being sued by Deutsche Bank in the foreclosure proceedings. Who really owns my home

    • Our theory is if you miss a payment on your mortgage, anyone owns your home but you… It seems like any bank can waltz into court and make the claim without having to prove anything up…

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