Full Deposition of the Infamous Erica Johnson Seck Now Available for Download and Printing

Here’s to all the requests. Screen might  freeze for a few but be patient. Takes a bit to load.



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Full Deposition of the Infamous Erica Johnson Seck

7 Responses to “Full Deposition of the Infamous Erica Johnson Seck Now Available for Download and Printing”
  1. bart Lawrence says:

    I need a recommendation for a strong attorney who can help me with a foreclosure in NJ. Indymac
    Please help!!!

  2. Abzal Mohammed says:

    I had filed a complaint against Cheryl Samons with the Florida Bar and the Florida Bar responded saying that Cheryl Samons is not listed as an attorney in their registry of attorneys

  3. Abzal Mohammed says:

    Is Erica Jphnson Sec the same person as Cheryl Samons

  4. Gerald Steven., Lepre, Sui Juris says:

    I am helping a friend out in a mortgage foreclosure case. He has been following everything on UTUBE, the Internet, other authors on the subject matter. I have learned alot from him. I type a lot of his papers for him, as he very knowledgeable in this area of law–“p\Produce the Note–a Rallying Cry”. Erica Johnson Seck vice president of OneWest Bank, FSB,and Attorney in Fact in the Assignment of Mortgage from IndyMac to OneWest Bank, FSB; she is also involved in his mortgage foreclosure case, as well, as IndyMac, OneWest Bank, FSB, MERS, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as trustee of the securitization trust, Dennis Kirkpatrick vice president of IndyMac/OneWest Bank at same time, he is also listed as Attorney in Faact with Erica Johnson Seck in the Assignment of Mortgage. Mr. Kirkpatrick has left the OneWest Bank as the Complainant when he was subpoenaed to come and bring documents. Now the bank has no complainant. Shapiro and Denardo, LLP. from King of Prussia, PA is representing OneWest Bank, FSB, the Law Firm did the Assignment of the Mortgage and the relative of the Law Firm–Mr. Shapiro did the title search both working out of the same commerical space–possible corporate collusion. If you want documentation we can provide it. I believe this is a rico action but need more hard evidence before presenting this to a District Attorney and/or a federal prosecutor, however, who can you erally trust, they are all sleeping with each other.

    The Beegle

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