Bank of America Practices Force Homeowners to Face Foreclosure

By Cynthia Martinez AUSTIN, Texas – June 30, 2010 – Fifteen low-income Texans are suing Bank of America for operating a home loan system that forces struggling homeowners into foreclosure by purposefully misleading them, preventing them from modifying their loans, and ignoring agreements for lower monthly payments. Represented by Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA), the … Continue reading

Kaboom – NJ Checks In! – A Case Involving a Linda Green Assignment to a Trust 4 YEARS TOO LATE

Someone just asked where are the rulings out of Jersey… Well, here you go… Welcome New Jersey! It’s a long ruling but is full of great quotes… Too many to site… Read the document below… ~ Bank of New York v. Michael Raftogainis

Really? – The Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) Just Spent $50,000 (of basically your money) on New Domain Name

Cant seem to find the original source on this but there are quite a few sites reporting that Fannie Mae just spent $50,000 (of basically your money) on a new domain name last week; ~ ~ Domain Name………. Creation Date…….. 1997-09-10 Registration Date…. 2010-06-22 Expiry Date………. 2011-09-10 Organisation Name…. Fannie Mae Organisation Address. 3900 Wisconsin Avenue NW Organisation Address. Organisation Address. Washington Organisation Address. 20016 Organisation Address. DC Organisation Address. UNITED STATES Admin Name……….. Fannie Mae Tech and Admin Contact Admin Address…….. 3900 Wisconsin Avenue NW Admin Address…….. Admin Address…….. Washington Admin Address…….. 20016 Admin Address…….. DC Admin Address…….. UNITED STATES … Continue reading

$40 Million Lawsuit Filed by Sarasota County Against Wells Fargo Bank

Now this is interesting… Someone over in Sarasota needs to follow this case and pull the files as they are submitted. Might find some good discovery and pleadings… A $40 million lawsuit has been filed by Sarasota County against Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. alleging improper investment advice with regard to the county’s securities lending portfolio … Continue reading

How to Launder Mexican Drug Money: Be a Large Bank

Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal Intro… Just before sunset on April 10, 2006, a DC-9 jet landed at the international airport in the port city of Ciudad del Carmen, 500 miles east of Mexico City. As soldiers on the ground approached the plane, the crew tried to shoo them away, saying … Continue reading

Did Palm Beach County Florida Just Announce it is a NON-Judicial County?

The image above reminds me of what is happening across our country regarding the mass foreclosure crisis… How can it be that there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people losing everything they ever had due to the same circumstances? Answer: FRAUD Fraud perpetrated on the people, not by the people… 20 million homeowner did not … Continue reading

Federal Reserve Board Report – The Depth of Negative Equity and Mortgage Default Decisions

In other words the “lenders” business model has failed because of the frauds they perpetrated on America… They had it sooo good but took it way too far… Finance and Economics Discussion Series Divisions of Research & Statistics and Monetary Affairs Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C. The Depth of Negative Equity and Mortgage Default Decisions … Continue reading

The Global Political Awakening and the Powers-That-Be

Below are some excerpts from a very interesting essay by Andrew Gavin Marshall. It reminded me of how bad it has really gotten. I just hope it doesn’t get as bad as he suggests… The Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom, Part 1 by Andrew Gavin Marshall Marshall collects quotes from Zbigniew Brzezinski – … Continue reading

Omnibus Hearing held 6/24/2010 in Delaware for New Century Mortgage & Home123

The Floodgates are about to open for homeowners who were victimized by New Century Mortgage or Home123 Corporation… 4closureFraud 1-561-880-LIES Florida Foreclosure Defense Law Offices of Carol C. Asbury Floodgates

DJSP ENTERPRISES, INC. David J. Stern, DSJ, DAL, SEC Filing RE Supreme Court – DJS May Not be Successful in Complying With These New Rules

Hat tip to Matt Weidner on this one… Apparently David J. Stern’s operations are much more, shall we say, interesting than previously reported here, here and here… Going public may be the downfall of the entire Foreclosure Mill business model since everything you do has to be reported to the SEC. And, just recently it … Continue reading

Foreclosure Fraud – The Florida Bar Convention Strategic Defense Session

The above picture was a shot from the start of my day on Friday June 25th 2010 off a balcony in Boca Raton Florida… It was minutes before we kicked off the day with our Strategic Defense Session at the Florida Bar Convention. Not only did many attend, most stayed for the entire event. With … Continue reading

Fidelity National Financial Subsidiaries Ordered to Pay $5.7 Million in Punitive Damages for Mortgage Fraud

Fidelity, fraud, punitive damages and scheme all in the same sentence? Who woulda thunk… California jury orders Fidelity units to pay $5.7M The company had been sued over a mortgage fraud scheme. A California state court jury this week ordered two subsidiaries of Jacksonville-based Fidelity National Financial Inc. to pay $5.7 million in punitive damages … Continue reading

Notice of Appeal Filed – Stay of Court Order to Vacate Injunction Stopping Bank of America Foreclosures in Utah Requested

(St. George, UT) – A Notice of Appeal to Federal Judge Clark Waddoups court order vacating an Injunction against Bank of America and its subsidiary ReconTrust Company halting all foreclosures in Utah was filed Friday, June 25, 2010 by St. George attorney John Christian Barlow. Barlow told KCSG News he was “troubled by Court ruling … Continue reading

Strategic Default – The Banksters Keep Stealing – Why Keep Paying?

Couldn’t of said any of this better myself… I think we all need to start educating Dylan on all of the FACTS that we are seeing in the bowels of our court systems… He is pretty passionate on the issues… If he only knew the level of FRAUD that we are seeing… Think he would … Continue reading

OTS Examination Handbook Update Addresses INTERNAL Fraud Concerns and Controls

And once again, I thought it was the Deadbeat Homeowners that took down the entire global economy… Internal Fraud is to blame for most breaches and financial losses. Identifying it early, or preventing fraud before it starts, must be a priority, the OTS says. The FBI estimates that 80 percent of all mortgage fraud involves … Continue reading