Foreclosure Fraud – Traps and More Traps for Homeowners

This is a warning to all Homeowners who are facing foreclosure.  In the past I have written about the Traps Homeowners face when seeking a solution to the delimma of foreclosure, loss of jobs, and finding a resolution. As I tell all my clients all of you must remember that what the lender will lie … Continue reading

Explaining the Housing Bubble – A Georgetown University Law Center Paper

Explaining the Housing Bubble Adam J. Levitin Georgetown University Law Center Susan M. Wachter University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School – Real Estate Department August 31, 2010 Georgetown Law and Economics Research Paper No. 1669401 Georgetown Public Law Research Paper No. 1669401 U of Penn, Inst for Law & Econ Research Paper Forthcoming Abstract: … Continue reading

Bank of America Utah Foreclosures – Judge Clark Waddoups to Rehear Federal Jurisdiction Dispute TODAY

Remember the Bank of America ReconTrust injunction in Utah? LINK – Bombshell – Judge Orders Injunction Stopping ALL Foreclosure Proceedings by Bank of America; Recontrust; Home Loan Servicing; MERS et al ~ LINK – UPDATE UTAH FORECLOSURES – Federal vs State Rules Governing Bank of Americas Case to be Argued Before Federal Judge Clark Waddoups Thursday ~ … Continue reading

Explanation of Securitization

Just added this fascinating explanation of the securitization process to the securitization tab… I do not know who the author is but it is well worth the read… The author of the document is Richard F. Kessler Documentary Clearing House LLC. 941-924-5608, Published with consent of  author Explanation of Securitization Introduction Securitization takes … Continue reading

Smith Hiat & Diaz – Judge Fines Major Legal Firm for Foreclosure Conduct

Wait till you all see this transcript… One of our colleagues actually hired a court reporter for this hearing… As soon as we get it we will put it up… But for now, this comes in from the Herald Tribune… Judge Fines Major Legal Firm for Foreclosure Conduct By Todd Ruger Excerpts from the report… … Continue reading

Them be Fightin’ Words: The Fight Over Foreclosure Fees

Very interesting perspective on the Foreclosure Mills and GSE’s… Worth the read… From the authors twitter account… ~ Just finished my @housingwire column. Probably the most in-depth and difficult writing I’ve done all year. Them be fightin’ words: the fight over foreclosure fees Monday, August 30th, 2010, 2:56 pm For the law firms that … Continue reading

OUCH! Judge Dunnigan Just Fined Smith Hiatt & Diaz $49,000 to be paid in 4 days and if not then add $7,000 per day

Remember that pesky little Order to Show Cause from last week? LINK – Smith Hiatt Diaz and HSBC – Order to Show Cause Why Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s Attorneys Should Not be Held in Contempt and Sanctioned For failure to appear again and again and again and again and again… Well, word on the street is the … Continue reading

Foreclosure Fraud – Texas Attorney General Abbott Charges American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc With Violating State Debt Collection Laws

American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. failed to properly process requests AUSTIN – Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today charged Coppell-based American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc. (AHMS) with using illegal debt collection tactics and improperly misleading struggling homeowners. According to state investigators, AHMS collections agents used aggressive and unlawful tactics to collect payments from Texas homeowners … Continue reading

Chink in the Armor – Rise, The American Lion

Rise, The American Lion The story of the financial meltdown and its connection to the subprime  mortgage mess is a peculiarly American phenomena even though the ripple effects spread throughout the world.  Because it is a peculiarly American phenomena,   it will take a peculiarly American solution to resolve it. If you have studied the unfolding … Continue reading

Armageddon – Banks Breaking Down Doors and the Cops Do Not Care

These shocking developments are just in from Attorney Matthew Weidner The police are treating these criminal break-ins as civil matters. How civil will this be when someone gets killed? What the hell is going on? Lender Break Ins Attached is a lawsuit that I filed last week, along with police reports that detail the facts … Continue reading

12 Common Mistakes Attorneys Make in Default Judgment Motions

This was copied from Judge Englehard’s (151st District Court, Harris County, TX) website: Default Judgment Motions Common Mistakes Attorneys Make or “The Dirty Dozen” 1. WarGames: No Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) printout as an exhibit to the non-military affidavit.  A link to this website is on the Court’s judicial homepage which may be located … Continue reading

Palm Beach Post Quote: Meenu Sasser – Known as “THE ROCKET” for Her Role as a PBC Circuit Court Foreclosure Judge

“She is a University of Pennsylvania-educated lawyer, known as “THE ROCKET” for her role as a Palm Beach County Circuit Court foreclosure judge cutting through a backlog of cases.” ~ LINK – Lawyer’s silence golden to Tiger Woods in divorce case ~ Although the above story in the Palm Beach Post is about Tiger Woods … Continue reading

Full Deposition of William Hultman – Secretary and Treasurer of MERSCORP

Quite an interesting read… Full depo below… ~ ~ Full Deposition of William Hultman – Secretary and Treasurer of MERSCORP

Another Brooklyn Beatdown – Judge Schack Knocks Em Out Again! Bank of New York v Denise Mulligan

The Bank of New York, AS TRUSTEE FOR THE CERTIFICATEHOLDERS CWALT, INC. ALTERNATIVE LOAN TRUST 2006-OC1 MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2006-OC1, Plaintiff, against Denise Mulligan, BEVERLY BRANCHE, et. al., Defendants. Plaintiff: McCabe Weisberg Conway PC Jason E. Brooks, Esq. New Rochelle NY Defendant: No Appearances. Arthur M. Schack, J. Plaintiff’s renewed application, upon the default … Continue reading

FHFA – Conservator’s Report on the Enterprises’ Financial Performance, Freddie and Fannie

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact: Corinne Russell (202) 414-6921 August 26, 2010 Stefanie Mullin (202) 414-6376 FHFA Releases First Conservator’s Report on the Enterprises’ Financial Condition Washington, DC – The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) today released its first Conservator’s Report on the Enterprises’ Financial Condition. The Conservator’s Report provides an overview of key … Continue reading