4closureFraud Exclusive – President Obama Falls Victim to Chase Robo-Signer

Well well well…

Lookie what we have here folks…

Is this why they tried to sneak through H.R. 3808? (just kidding)

Just like we have been saying all along, this is so much bigger than  “affidavits.”

Here is another piece of the puzzle, without bringing up the REMIC issues…

Now that YOU are affected personally in this, Mr. President, what are you going to do about it?

Let’s get off the whole CNN Axelrod signals White House opposition to foreclosure moratorium BS…

“The Obama administration opposes a moratorium on home foreclosures, but wants problems involving improper paperwork resolved as quickly as possible, senior adviser David Axelrod said Sunday.”I’m not sure about a national moratorium,”

Like my dear friend at the Hamlet puts it

It’s not the foreclosure affidavits only. Hello? It’s the whole kit-n-caboodle. it’s the fabricated assignments of mortgage, fake allonges, robo-stamped endorsements in blank, and satisfactions of mortgage, ignoring SEC and IRS regulations, disregard for the steps required by the REMIC rules. It’s all the top national banks and their servicing arms. The whole of it is a sham. Don’t believe the propaganda that insists otherwise.

Got it?

Now for the fireworks…

First we will start with a screen shot of one of Obama’s Release of Mortgage…

Marshe Craine of Chase signed off on their release of mortgage.

Now you ask, so what is wrong with that?

Nothing on it’s face, but you know how I roll…

With all that is going on with the robosigning, forgeries, fabrications and LIES, we decided to dig into this to see if something was there to help educate the masses on the issues that all of us as Americans face…

Guess what we found…

President Obama is a victim of the robosigning phenomenon that has taken the financial industry by storm…

How else would you explain this?

Check it out…

Random search of signature for Craine

(Click to Enlarge)


Whoa, is that the same Marshe Craine “Vice President” of Chase that signed off, and was notarized I might add BY THE SAME NOTARY, on the Presidents Satisfaction of Mortgage?

Let’s compare…


Hmmm. I’m no handwriting expert but…

Let’ clarify if the same person notarized these documents…

Obama Notary

Random Satisfaction Notary

Looks the same to me on the notary, so if these signatures turn out to be different, she is LYING on one of them, but hey, no big deal, it is just a “technicality”, right?

Not convinced yet?

Okay, let’s dig deeper…

Let’s see if this “Vice President” Marshe Craine is a MERS agent as well.


Oh, much better, that signature is much closer to the signature on the President’s Satisfaction of mortgage…

I feel much better now, don’t you?

Was getting a little nervous there for a second…

Didn’t MERS just come out with some statement about how they weren’t involved an any fraud or something like that?

Oh yea they did…

Statement by CEO of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) “The MERS System is not fraudulent, and MERS has not committed any fraud.”

Statement by CEO of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) RESTON, Va.–(EON: Enhanced Online News)–Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) Chief Executive Officer R.K. Arnold today issued the following statement regarding the organization and clarifying certain aspects of its operations: “The MERS System is not fraudulent, and MERS has not committed any fraud.” “MERS is one important … Read more

Anyway, it is a good thing it was the same notary again or we would be in big trouble…

Here is another one just for fun now as a Chase VP…


So you see, this whole Foreclosure-Gate crisis has nothing to do with the “deadbeat” borrowers, it never has.

It has to do with the complete lack of the respect of the law by the banking industry.

They got away with it up until now and are trying their damnedest to paper over their crimes.

It is time to say no more…

They tricked all of us, even you Mr. President,  and completely disregarded the basic laws of this country to make a buck.

I  have been beating this drum, along with a few others, for years now and it is time to come to an end.

Mr President, now that you have had the fraud perpetrated on you personally, what are you going to do about it?

The system is broken and the foreclosures need to be stopped NOW.

It is actually worse than you can imagine…

Feel free to call or email me to discuss this further, Mr President.

All documents supporting the screen shots above are available to the media upon request.

The first national news media outlet that chooses to report this to the American Public will get an exclusive on a similar issue affecting another one of the President’s mortgages…

It is just as interesting, if not better than the above…

For more on the above concerns, see here and here…


Michael Redman


1 – 561 – 880 – LIES



Tips anyone?

I sure could use some…


Everyone that reads this post, please share it, print it, email it, reblog it, or do whatever you do to archive it.

Just in case, if you know what I mean…

Part Deux

LINK – 4closureFraud Exclusive Part Deux – President Obama Falls Victim to ANOTHER Robo-Signer

89 Responses to “4closureFraud Exclusive – President Obama Falls Victim to Chase Robo-Signer”
  1. rick Stein says:

    You Are Doing a Good Job

  2. Write to the Attorney General Elect Pam Bondi, let her know that we are vigilant and will never allow her to just walk away from the prosecution of the real criminals behind the foreclosure mess.

    Open Letter to Attorney General Elect Pam Bondi Transition Team

    We see that in Attorney General elect Bondi’s Transition team, attention is paid to every issue and every on- going investigation to defeat and overturn the National Heath Care Initiative, Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, etc… What we do not see is any initiative or transition group dealing with the most serious issue affecting millions of Floridians and the nation in general, that is BANK MORTGAGE FRAUD! No, we are not talking about the few million dollars in mortgage fraud generated by criminals who lied in their loan applications to obtain loans for property; no, we are talking about thieves in business suits, bank CEO’s and corporate hoodlums that created the largest Ponzi scheme in the worlds history that has crippled our economy, the world economy and that has disenfranchised millions of Americans from the rightful ownership of their homestead property.

    We just hope and pray that the new Attorney General does not think that this is a problem she will be able to ignore or just sweep under the rug, as this problem is a million times bigger than any issue currently before her office and it will not be ignored, that is a promise that WE THE PEOPLE can guarantee!

    Americans United for Justice…

  3. Open Letter to Attorney General Elect Pam Bondi Transition Team

    We see that in Attorney General elect Bondi’s Transition team, attention is paid to every issue and every on- going investigation to defeat and overturn the National Heath Care Initiative, Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, etc… What we do not see is any initiative or transition group dealing with the most serious issue affecting millions of Floridians and the nation in general, that is BANK MORTGAGE FRAUD! No, we are not talking about the few million dollars in mortgage fraud generated by criminals who lied in their loan applications to obtain loans for property; no, we are talking about thieves in business suits, bank CEO’s and corporate hoodlums that created the largest Ponzi scheme in the worlds history that has crippled our economy, the world economy and that has disenfranchised millions of Americans from the rightful ownership of their homestead property.

    We just hope and pray that the new Attorney General does not think that this is a problem she will be able to ignore or just sweep under the rug, as this problem is a million times bigger than any issue currently before her office and it will not be ignored, that is a promise that WE THE PEOPLE can guarantee!

    Americans United for Justice…

  4. mogle says:

    Of course MERS isn’t committing fraud, that’s why they have ignored by certified mail and numerous faxes for months now regarding info on one of their (Bank of America’s) robosigning VPs on our foreclosure docs.

  5. Don says:

    I think it is time we do away with the current Banking establishments as they are basically doing harm to the American Economy both at the Foreclosure Level of Residential and Commercial Property but on all of there exorbitant fees for banking services, late charges and interest rates. This goes along with a lot of the fraud that goes on within the Credit Card industry as well with all of the major banks.

    It is time for change for the better…. The banks have taken advantage of the American Public long enough from receiving the so-called “Stimulus Funds” backed by the “Tax Payers” of whom they are taking advantage of.

    This goes as well for the “Federal Reserve as The Central Bank” who is not part of the US Government as it so implies by the name “Federal” it is owned and operated by those appointed and by “International Bankers”.

    We need change in this country for the betterment of the American People, we need to get back to basics with Industry and manufacturing in America for “Quality and Affordable Products Made In America” by “Americans”.

    We need an employment base re-established with “No More Outsourcing of Jobs and Manufacturing” to other countries.

    Without Manufacturing and Industry – We have No Jobs – With No More Jobs – We Have No More Tax Base – For Social Benefits of Social Security – No Medi-Care for the Retired – No More Means Of Infrastructure Repair and Development.

    Currently we have today a Government With Blinders on along with Manufactures and Industry. We Need Change Otherwise America Will Become A 3rd World Country…. And will be Reliant on Other Countries and Economies Outside of America.

    Wake Up America …. Before It Is Too Late….

  6. Greg Keller says:

    This is their worst nightmare. People waking up. Little lights bulbs switching on all across the fruited plane. I just wish I had a crystal ball and could tell the future. I don’t believe there is a cure for what ails us. The medicine could kill us.
    It’s like they were in a rampage to gush as much bad paper into the system working the probabilities that once they hit critical mass, they’d reach the vaunted “TOO BIG TO FAIL” plateau. Too much bad paper to fix now. Too many banks and governmental bodies to blame knowing full well their mortgage kiting scheme would be discovered once the appreciation bubble burst and depreciation began.
    As long as they had enough bad paper in the system, the resulting impact is cushioned by the negative aerodynamics and stall that we’re presently undergoing. Everyone has a parachute, except us, the burrowers.
    I wonder what and where the formula is they used to pull this off? You know there is one.
    You can’t do this without the highest offices of the fed being involved.

  7. Recoveryless Recovery says:

    Foreclosure Fraud is but ONE thread within the vast tapestry of interwoven FRAUD that constitutes the floorcarpet of American douchebaggery. Some people think they’ll be able to dry clean this country back into shape. *I* suggest we take it out to the backyard, BURN the POS to ashes and get a BRAND NEW ONE instead.

  8. Jack Straw says:

    “Mine too, Mers and all. What are you going to do? I can’t get an attorney here in Ga. to even listen to me, much less represent me and I am current.”

    Translated: “I am unwilling to pay for representation and I expect that lawyers should front their services to me for an eventual share of my lottery take. Why should I pay for something that isn’t a sure thing?”

    Indeed. Why?

    Just calling “a club a club.”

  9. Rod says:

    If you think thats bad, wait till they start talking about the fact that there really never was a loan in the first place on most mortgages. It is the alleged borrowers promissory not that funds the loan in the first place. Banks are prohibited from lending their deposotors money, credit or their own reserves, (Moder money mechanics from the Chicago federal reserve page 6). That promissory not is then illegally changed into a securities instrument (marked paid to the order of xxx bank on it) then sold immediatley to another bank. The funds from that sale are then deposited into a demand deposit account with the borrowers name on it.(they are your funds/credit lent back to you) Now comes the magic of fractional reserve banking where let say a million dollar promissory note becomes 27 million fractionalized (can you say derivitives?) The seller is paid of and anyone else involved with the transaction. The house is paid for with your prissory note (now turned into a securities intrament!) The bank never signs the note because they know by law they cannot really loan money out. Its your note! Also the is note a promissory note any longer because the moment they marked it up and changed it ( banks are the modernday money changers) it became a securities instrament (Mortgage back security. In this state the bank can now further unjustly enrich itself by illegally making copies of it, bundling it up with many others and selling it to investors on wall street. There is no more note….at least in the original form you signed it in. They may be able to produce a copy of a securites instrament (changed or altered note) but not a promissory note. According to the law of bankrupties of nations, your promissory note (paper with a real person’s signature on it (ie: checks, money orders etc) becomes money! When people start to learn that they are the real creditors, the &^%#^ it will indeed hit the fan!

  10. Dan says:

    While I appreciate your enthusiasm, your presentation reeks of crackpot UFO chaser. Tone down the excitement a bit and spend a bit more time on the appearance and you’ll get your message out to a wider audience. Please, because what you have to say is important but the way you say it gets you dismissed by everyone I link you to.

      • Ed LaBrosse says:

        Good on guitar man,that was great!!!good song too

        Going on 3 FN years with a loan Modification with citimortgage what a FN nightmire,what they dont know is that I will fight them in court and I will win.Dont think they can come up with the origanal note so they keep stretching it out,I only owe them 100k in payments,check out my 2 sons
        Who are musicians,
        1.Dorydrive,on myspace
        2.The Heroes lie,face book

        Good luck,Ed,AE9/11Truth organizer,Ft. Lauderdale,FL

  11. Laura Morton says:

    This is a crying shame. The signatures are forgeries. We need to send people to prison for this type of crime.

  12. Bloggy Bayou says:

    News Flash: Bank of America Sounds “All Clear”;
    In Other News, Santa Charged With Domestic Violence



  13. Jeff says:

    Definately correct, but has NOTHING to do with the fact the people didn’t pay the mortgages on thier homes.

    • Why should they if they can not get a clear title?

      Looks like those “deadbeats” aren’t so stupid after all…

      • The monthly payments create a stronger and stronger claim for ownership of the house for the homeowner. So even if there are issues of fraud, if the homeowner shows up in court not having paid the mortgage for the past year, it WEAKENS their case. It just does. It has to, otherwise EVERYBODY in dispute would stop paying their mortgages until their case was heard.

        If the bank is not accepting their payment anymore, then put it into an account so it can be showed to the judge that good faith was still being practiced by the homeowner.

        Amongst the predatory lender cases in which homeowners might be paying twice per month than what they should be paying, there are going to be a TON of PEOPLE just taking advantage of the situation and living rent and mortgage free, which actually WEAKENS the standing of the homeowner’s who were legitimately taken advantage of in the public’s eye.

      • I didn’t mean legitimately taken advantage of as being a good thing, but as yes, they were taken advantage of.

    • Linda Suza says:

      Somewhere on here there was mention that a ‘title company’ may be an avenue of help. Someone else said they doubted that they’d help. IF you contact your title company and they DON’T help, in providing documentation, you may contact their regulatory agency. The very title company should tell you who is their regulatory agency, or, you should be able to find it out from a local bank or real estate office, if they won’t. I had a title company tell me they weren’t going to provide copies of docs. they handled, AFTER I learned that there were some documents that adversely affected my loan, the manager at the title company told me to get a lawyer. Instead, I called the corporate headquarters for that manager and told him the story and I got ALL the documents and help I wanted. Don’t back down or buy their excuses – not even from the title companies. They’re all in cahoots as far as I can tell.

      • After looking over my daughters Refi mortgage papers I had a gut feeling that ‘something’ went on before, at closing or shortly after. It started with a broker and the Mortgage Funding Co. he worked for (now out of business) claiming to be the lender, than follows WaMu ( also closed and sold to JP Morgan Chase or what ever name you want to call them) to throw in a few very sloppy ‘documents’ also claiming to be lender. Now the Title Co. takes over at closing. Documents given at closing were filled in by Title Co. but had no signatures. Reason? The final copies would be sent. Never received. Included in the papers of Title Co. were pages ‘explaining the escrow account’. What escrow account?? My daughter never had an escrow account. With all three (3) a copy of the final closing cost sheet were omitted along with many others. Nothing was making any sense. So I had my daughter call the Title Co. to request copies of the closing as she never received any and I muted the other phone to listen. The woman asked for name, address and mortgage # ..after a few she came back on phone to say request was denied for copies. With that being said, my daughter asked for what reason was she being denied copies. After a pause, the reason was the ‘privacy act’…and what was so private my daughter asked…like a Social Security # was the reply. And whos Social Security is so private?..very bluntly the woman said ” If you want to know..you must subpoena the Title Co. So here we are with a mess of half blank sheets/documents??..many many mistakes and fudged figures, no signatures, two (2) claiming to be lenders, a Title Co. that is hiding ‘something’…and the list goes on. After speaking to other attorneys who ‘get it’..we were told the mortgage was invalid due to more issues with Note and Mortgage. I am not going to dig any further into this mess…it’s a homeowners nightmare..

    • Jan says:

      The housing industry is (was) 40% of our economy, and it has died since 2007. So, when you lose your job becuase the banksters decided to play roulette with our mortgages, and crashed the economy, it’s hard to pay your bills. The amount of jobs that have been lost, over 8 million is just about how many people have lost their homes.

      The banks shut the money supply off. No one has been able to get money for the last 3 years. I know, I was a mortgage broker. There is no money, unless you have a 750+ credit score and a low loan to value. Well, everyone is upside down on the values. This is a mess that the bankers caused 100% and the homeowners are victims of this corrupt scheme to steal our property.

      I have been in the industry for 27 years, and it is absolutely corrupt!
      Got news for you folks, the “investors” are the citizens. WE own the mortgages in the trusts. The government can’t do anything because they do not have the jurisdiction. WE have the power to stop it. The government works for US! Remember, the PEOPLE run the country. Everyone needs to stop looking for the government to do something. TWO citizens need to come forward and “enact” a cease and desist order on foreclosures. We can act on behalf of the government. The attorneys work for the bar, which is the bankers. In days of old, the bankers bench, the bar. It’s all about commerce and contracts. Look at contract law. Fraud voids a contract. Fraud allows you to rescind your signature and cancel the contract.

  14. kelly says:

    So now we’ve got to start looking back to 2002 – when the Obama’s release of mortgage was signed by one (of several) Marsha Craine’s? Perhaps we need to redo EVERYTHING that has gone on since MERS came on the scene and charge the originating lenders for fixing it all. Just put your mortgage payment into a separate FDIC insured bank account every month. Then when someone gets around to fixing all this, you’ll have all the payments ready to go to the correct owner(s) of your mortgage, and keep the interest.

  15. FRAUD BY CHASE, FRAUD BY MERS, who are the other companies using MERS. … Right now i am fighting Ocwen Loan Servicing for FRAUD!!!

    • Jan says:

      MERS is owned by the bankers and fannie mae and freddie mac and some title companies.
      They ALL have their hands in this mess. ALL to save a buck – so they wouldn’t have to pay recording fees when they transferred the mortgages, but MERS was set up to hide the securitizatrion – I beleive it is illegal to securitize a mortgage – the lien. . the “unregistered” instrument is (the note) which is the value in the transaction.- it’s like money.

      Until we cancel the contract with the federal reserve (renews every 20 years) or nationalize the corporation, we will never get the financail system straightened out as it has stolen the wealth of this nation for the last 100 years! We are paying a private corporation interest to issue “credits” (ledger entries), that people think is money. It is a worthless piece of paper with a number on it. The value is the real estate and gold and silver. That is why they get paid their interest payments on the national debt in gold and they are taking the houses. It is amazing that the crooks in DC have allowed this corruption to go on. We need to kick them all out and start over. The pyramid that is on the dollar bill is a sign of what really exists. A pyramid scheme. You can only leverage an asset so much before the scheme collapses, which is what is happening right now. Only they are making us the losers, and it should be the other way around. They have taken our “true” money from us (gold). and left us paying interest on paper leveraged assets inflated 30 times over.

  16. John says:

    So we have a notary notarizing fraufulent signatures, multiple people signing someone elses name…can you say, fraud, mail/wire fraud, securities fraud, etc, etc.

    So when are the feds going to raid all these offices and take all their papers and computers into custody?

  17. e.s. says:

    WOO HOO!

    This post has made the Washington Post! Way to go!!!!!
    so glad to see at least ONE of the MEDIA reporting the TRUTH without SPINNING IT!!!!!!

    Keep up the WONDERFUL investigating! You DA MAN!!!!!

    thank you for your time and energy, wish more people actually CARED about what is happening to the LIttle Guy!
    God bless you my friend

  18. fight the power says:

    IF there was still an outstanding mortgage on the place and the entities were involved this is good stuff… Otherwise… Who cares

  19. Marsh Crane says:

    Robo-signer is like a plague of locusts:

    The European marsh crane fly causes damage to grass, flowers and vegetable gardens. Lawns and golf courses experience the majority of damage. …


  20. Greenspan Fucked Us says:

    The only solution to this disaster it to let it all collapse completely. The scams and fraud must end.


    • Jan says:

      When the old Roman Empire fell, they cancelled everyone’s debt. That’s what they should do. Start over.

      We will never be “free” in this country as long as we are paying usury.

      Usury/debt is against biblical law. The UCC – law of commerce,,is based on Mosaic law. So why are we paying interest?

      Because we have banksters running the system. Now they are trying to “tax” us on the money. We are already being taxed, in the form of interest. We shouldn’t have to pay any interest at all! They get enough in the form of sales taxes to pay to run everything. Get rid of the monster corporation masquerading as our government, and we can cut out the fat and wasteful cost that is causing all the excessive taxation.
      We need to stop voting in lawyers, we need business people to run the country – NOT lawyers, all they do is write laws to tax us more. Lawyers belong in the judicial, NOT legislative branch. It was never intended to have lawyers running our country – our founding fathers would be turning in their graves, as lawyers were forbidden in the original 13th amendment, which got replaced by the 14th. which was – Never ratified, so lets abolish it. We have the right and the ability to change our country. The TEA party was a start. The establishment was shaken up, 2012 should be a stampede to get our country back. Get rid of ALL the old entrenched cronies. New blood is needed to fix the mess. They can NOT override the constitution. Pay attention, they are trying to.

  21. Heather Minty says:

    awesome work. thank you.

  22. DebbiCat says:

    I checked my records – no assignments at all! And to top it off, my original mortgage taken in 2002 was paid for in 2003 with a refinance with another company and there is no SATISFACTION recorded for the original mortgage!

    • lauraann says:

      Contact a lawyer, and your title insurance (doubt they help but you never know!) asap!

    • Susanna says:

      I had just the opposite. After I refinanced, the old mtg. was satisfied but there was never a new mtg recorded. According to County records, I have no mtg at all.

      • Jan says:

        You need to file your own private lien on your house. Then you will be in first position on the title. Protect your asset ASAP.

    • Kathryn L. Harper says:

      Mine too, Mers and all. What are you going to do? I can’t get an attorney here in Ga. to even listen to me, much less represent me and I am current.

  23. carol says:

    Pull up some of the Judges mortgages—maybe they won’t be so quick with the Rocket Docket!

    • lauraann says:

      omg that is such an awesome idea… I’m going to pull copies of the mortgages of the guys trying to take my house, and their lawyers! 🙂

  24. Googalicious says:

    Great job, Mr. Redman! Have you researched the names of the persons on the documents? The spelling on the name “Marshe Craine” is so unusual that I can find only one person by that name in the entire country in the free public records search. She’s from Washoe County, Nevada, just like the Marshe Craine who signed the documents, but I’ll eat my hat if she’s ever been a bank vice president. Her old My Space page said she worked at “Port of Subs.” Is it possible that Marshe Craine’s identity has been stolen?

  25. Patricia says:

    PERFECT!!! Great job you’re all doing. Don’t know what we’d do without you. 🙂

    • john says:

      Michael—–what a journalistic coup! I forwarded it to Dylan Ratigan from MSNBC—let’s hope he reads it.
      Thanks for all you.

  26. fightingchf says:


    We all have the understanding that the enormous web of deceit these bankster’s have weaved over the last decade is only getting worse, and now seems, that not just the common homeowner is effected.

    Is this issue with President Obama’s RoBo-signing, going to be a passes off as another “mistake in paperwork” while these thieves try to avoid prosecution for commuting not only fraud of another homeowner, but a homeowner that also holds the job title of “President of the United States”????

  27. FightingCHF says:


    To all those homeowners that read this site as well as others, the webs of deceit that the mortgage servicers, and banks have been doing for the past decade has gotten so in depth, that they can no longer “simply cover up”.

    I’m wondering though…..is the response to President Obama’s RoBo signing going to be considered a “accident in the process”, as so many of these banks are trying to plead, in order to avoid prosecution on grounds of fraud????

  28. jamesForeclosure says:

    Mr. President,

    Would it be alright if I quickly and quietly filing a quiet title to 5450 S E View Park Unit, Chicago, IL., 80615?

    American Taxpayer Citizen

  29. I just papered my walls with it Michael, making curtains with it right now. Next, tablecloth AND matching napkins! What a FANTASTIC A. B. C. for everyone. OUTSTANDING piece. THANK YOU!!! It’s so gratifying to see people are finally starting to “UNDERSTAND” that this is NOTHING to do with borrowers, it’s nothing to do with people “not paying their mortgage”… it’s about a huge bank heist of proportions that have compromised our country’s financial system. To me, it’s worse than TREASON. THEY KNEW this would likely cause a systemic failure that threatens all we hold dear: even our freedom.

    Now there is talk of the United States being at risk on a much larger, global scale because of our vulnerability.

    IT’S NOT TOO LATE. Share this, everyone, as we have been doing. You are, each one of you, a witness that needs to share what you know, and help others to understand what is going on so that they too can join our cause, which is to put the asset BACK in our homes, regain traction in the fight to financial recovery, and then DEAL with those who actually ARE deadbeats. Yes, their day is coming, it always does, but for now, we must stop the bleeding.

  30. leapfrog says:

    Uh-oh, the “Friends of Angelo” may want to take a look at their paperwork. Some “friend”, huh?

  31. http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

    Constitutional Rights

    Thank you Mr. President for issuing your clarification on your position with HR 3808.

    Did you see that two of your own Illinois satisfactions of mortgage may be fraudulent robo-signed documents, leaving one to question if you paid the correct party and if your notes are still held on the balance sheet of some national or foreign bank?

    Please, Sir, I urge you to continue to protect the American people from the preditor-creditors, the encroaching feudalists.

    Sir, they’ve taken us for all we have. We need your help. We need your protection. We need home & land security.

    Full blown foreclosure moratorium until we investigate exactly what harm has been wrought upon our country, federal indictments of the perpetrators, and no chairs at the solution-building table for the bad players.

    Please stop the wrongful foreclosures, the summary judgments, the transfer of titles, the unjust enrichment of con men, the rating of us based on our now damaged credit scores, the “deadbeat” propaganda. Democracy is fading Sir. It is within your grasp to pull it back into it’s rightful place that has almost been usurped by feudalism.

    Lisa Epstein

  32. Wow. This is really good. Really good.

    The letter to the President is a great idea. Someone needs to get this into the hands of one of the major networks. The new owner of the Obama property definitely needs to be made aware of the fraudulent documents filed.

    I do not understand why there is no criminal prosecution. Filing fraudulent documents in court is a crime, punishable by jail time or hefty fines.

    We have your information posted at our forum, beingmiddleclass.org and thank you for the remarkable work you do.

  33. Equity Free says:

    Thanks to all, For all you do – This is Huge – Will send it out everywhere !

  34. lauraann says:

    lol… posted a link to your article at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s website. 🙂

  35. lauraann says:

    Great work! This is just amazing… I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

  36. lucy says:

    I got a great idea!
    If we can get evidence of fraud that was committed to the PRESIDENT of the U.S., why don’t we dig and find evidence for all political officials? especially that is back funded by “bank”?

    Let’s expose these high power political puppets-they are not above the law, I would love to see how many of these idiots are also the victims of the banksters.

    Also, the judges that’s been treating the homeowners like *****, lets give them a little taste of what it’s like to be a victim.
    I wouldn’t be surprise to find most of them have fraudulent assignment and defective mortgages.

  37. Dave Brand says:


    Check State Sentor’s Julia Boseman’s records!
    Including people She “Foreclosed on!”.

  38. Alina says:

    Great stuff!!!! The ex-President of Ginnie Mae told the viewers of Sqawk Box this morning that there was no fraud involved but just “process inadequacy.” HA!!!!


  39. Elaine S says:

    Glad the point is finally made.Jefrfrey Stephan in particular sworn that he mass signed other coduments including deeds. If this opens up Obama to having to repay-off his property ( hope he kept his proof he paid it off,) Or just a cloud o title sohe can’t sell his propert,
    Then the DEEDS robo-signed are a whole new mess too!

  40. underh20 says:

    I just looked at the Assignment of Mortgage on my Florida property. Lender assigned mortgage to MERS. The Assignment was signed by now famed robo-signers Crystal Moore and Brian Bly who also just initialed the notary line.

    Is this Assignment invalid bc it was basically not true — Moore didn’t work for my Lender and Bly did not sign properly. Original Lender who assigned — Homebanc — defunct.

    What do I do?

  41. Bill Behrens says:


    Think they will listen now?

    Thank you so much for all of your efforts to expose this fraud, they are deeply appreciated.

  42. jez says:

    “Didn’t MERS just come out with some statement about how they weren’t involved an any fraud or something like that?”

    “Feel free to call or email me to discuss this further, Mr President.”


    Beautiful work, man. Just beautiful.

  43. joshuagamen says:

    This past week Obama released bill that would have sped up the process in which banks go through to take back a house through foreclosure. Bank of America freezes all foreclosure sale dates to have their attorneys review the documents they have already processed. Bill is going back to Congress, we’ll see what happens next!


  44. Dear Mr. President,

    Do you believe these people flew your satisfaction of mortgage out to NEVADA to have it notarized?

    Please take a moment to revisit the alley you once slept in (link below) and then think of the TENS OF MILLIONS of men, women, children and elderly that have been forced to live in the woods, in their cars, under bridges and yes.. in alleys all across America.


  45. Diana says:

    Maybe that’s why Obama didn’t sign that bill that congress put on his desk – the one that is trying to make the courts accept these papers as true documents. Shame to all of our Congressmen that signed that bill behind everyone’s back!
    You will get yours too someday – just remember what goes around comes back around !!! (to kick you in the butt sometimes!!) You know the real shame is we (and I mean they) are distroying our very own country and our very own families!! I hope the money was worth it.

  46. And these banks with their pseudo-moratoriums? Don’t fall for that bunk. The predators’ implementation of moratoriums is no better than the statistics on HAMP and other forms of assistance for the families across America. These entities have literally terrorized us out of our homes, out of our jobs, and have shaken us down for every cent we had. In the process, they’ve annihilated our credit scores and therefore earned us decades of struggle and strife.

    The summary judgments continue to be granted (money judgment for the predator-creditor), the transfer of title is often happening, the evictions continue especially in non-judicial states, the unlawful detainers are issued. Besides a few anecdotal tales from a few families, we don’t see much difference down here on the ground floor.


    The investors and insurers fared no better at the hands of these con artists. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more from them shortly.

    Stop the madness. Stop rewarding the perpetrators of the worst financial crime the world has ever seen. The financiers built and filled this Pandora’s Box. G-D help us as we try to rebuild our injured country in the thick air filled with swarms of poisonous pestilence.

    • Snady says:

      Please add NO MORE NEGATIVE CREDIT REPORTING! Bad credit hurts in more ways that just getting future credit. Auto and home insurance premiums, reputations, jobs, and renting, to name a few, are negatively affected by bad credit.

  47. DebbiCat says:

    Hey Obama,
    Welcome to the party ..pal

  48. anolmec says:

    you,just hit gold michael

  49. Josh says:

    How much wool has been pulled over thy eyes?
    Wells Fargo
    Bank of America

    Not even the commander and chief escapes the banking fraud, yes fraud.

  50. Mr. President,

    I know of some excellent lawyers who may be of assistance in quieting the title to your property if you still own it. If you’ve since sold the property, perhaps we should warn the current owner and urge them to file a quiet title action. There may be a predator-creditor waiting to file a fraudulent foreclosure. You know, just the thing that’s all the rage in America today.

    Lisa Epstein

  51. lucy says:

    Welcome to the club Mr. President.

  52. Christine says:

    Bravo! This is excellent work!

  53. Andrew says:

    HOLY Friggin Presidential COW…This changes the perspective a bit I would say.

    So what say you Mr. President?

    Is it just a clerical error or is it mere FRAUD?

    Mr. President, You have been voted in to stand for Americans.

    It may be about time to look into these facts and finally put an end to this Illegal Foreclosure Crisis.

    Well, now that your own mortgage docs are involved, just maybe your advisors will ADVISE you to correct the path we are on.

    Oh, Maybe the docs are fraudulent…and you can deny all culpability. Maybe so, but, try that during the next election cycle and see what happens.

    Ty, Ace

  54. Nye Lavalle says:

    Great find Michael. NOW, let’s do for EVERY JUDGE handling foreclosures in FLA. Then across nation. We ID known fraud docs and send them via certified mail to their homes so they will know they were scammed. Let’s see how they then react and rule in cases. Sassers up first!

    • pparke500 says:

      Nye, why are the judges in Fl so complicit in this fraud? Rocket dockets anyone? A friend of mine who does foreclosure defense complained about the lack of due process for homeowners to a Fl Supreme Court Justice and reminded him of the state constitution protection of Fl homesteads. The Justice’s response? “Is that all you got, counselor?”

  55. An observer says:

    You are the best Michael!

  56. Mr. President,

    You have always seemed to relate to the American people and now you have more reason to do so. Is this long paid off mortgage truly satisfied if the Release of Mortgage is a fraudulent robo-signed document? Is some other predator-creditor holding your promissory note and keeping it on their fantasy balance sheets? Did Chase even own your note? Was Chase entitled to execute the satisfaction? Did you pay the correct party in interest? If you did, then WHY did they use a robosigner? For “expediency”? Does that make it okay to perpetrate fraud in our land records? Forgery and fraud? Should this be allowed?

    WHEW, Thank you for your veto of HR3808! Please keep on protecting the citizens in your care.

    Lisa Epstein

    • pparke500 says:

      It wasn’t actually pocket vetoed Lisa because technically the Senate has not adjourned. The Senate agreed to do that before leaving to campaign to keep Obama from making any more recess appts.

  57. Great work, Michael. Now, will the President continue to allow his U.S. Attorneys to protect the banksters from prosecution and the seizure of their illegally obtained assets?

  58. FMike says:

    That’s the great mystery, isn’t it? A few months ago I heard an expert of some sort on the News Hour say – to the following effect – “At this point in the Savings & Loan scandle, we had over 4,000 convictions, while here [referring to the underwiting of securitized loans, at the same time the underwriting bank was shorting those securities for it’s own benefit] we have yet to see a single indictment.” Now it turns out that the criminal law in that context may have been murkier than we assumed. But not so here, where the knowing submission of fruadulently notarized documents into evidence has been a crime since DayOne, to say nothing of the fraudulent natorization itself. While there is absolutely no excuse for DOJ not to get involved here, the good news is that there appear 50 State Attorneys General with concurrent authority, ready, willing and able to do the job.

    That is unless Congress steps in and grants the banks retroactive immunity, the same way it helps out the Telcos on their little wiring tapping problem in the summer of 2008. Recall that July vote of Senator Obama in favor of the bill, which first put Progressives on notice that the man’s Progressive rhetoric during the primary season might have been just that.

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