Chain of Title: David Dayen reports on Foreclosure and circumventing the Rule of Law .

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Listen to Author David Dayen who will join Neil Garfield on the Neil Garfield Show to discuss his new book- Chain of Title next week on Thursday, May 19th at 6 pm EST

Editor’s Note: Chain of Title is an inspiring work of investigative journalism that exposes the criminal underbelly of the foreclosure mortgage industry and the homeowners who were willing to risk all to reveal the fraud.

Dayen reveals a crime so insidious, convoluted and multi-layered that without intense study, the fraud can’t be conceptualized. Dayen also exposes the fact that homeowners continue to navigate a lawless banking underground where there is little protection, violations of due process and only the most rabid, tenacious and determined homeowners will persevere.  However, he illustrates how homeowners can succeed through dogged self-education, evidence accumulation and a strategic plan.

Publishers Weekly describes Dayen’s Chain of Title as: “Hitchcockian… Meticulously researched, enthralling, and educational…

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