Fraudclosure | John O’Brien Robo-signer Rejection Letter and Affidavit in Support of Filing

I must say, this guy is awesome… From the Robo-signer rejection letter… RE: Request for Recording of ____________________________(the “Recording”) Enclosed please find your Recording, based upon the fact that it is signed by  a  known robo-signer, I am returning it to you.  I will record it upon receipt of a signed affidavit, a copy of … Continue reading

PBC Clerk of Court Sharon Bock to County Citizens RE Fraudclosures, It’s Not My Problem

“I don’t have the legal ability to prosecute, but I have the responsibility to represent my constituents and report something that looks fraudulent.” John O’Brien ~ You would think that PBC’s clerk of court would be concerned about the massive fraud that is being played out in her county’s public records since this is ground … Continue reading

Chief Judge Peter Blanc Objects to Foreclosure Mill’s ie David Stern’s Proposals

It’s beginning to feel like a circus again… Chief Judge objects to foreclosure mill’s proposals by Kim Miller Palm Beach County Chief Judge Peter Blanc said in a letter Wednesday to David J. Stern that Stern’s suggestions to deal with thousands of abandoned cases are not permitted by Florida rules of law. Blanc was responding … Continue reading

Fraudclosure | Second Annual RALLY IN TALLY! Participate! Get involved!

Second Annual RALLY IN TALLY! Participate! Get involved! 1.  Sign up! Go to or Click on Donate/Paypal link.  The cost to ride the bus is $30/person, please donate a small additional amount if you are able to help defray the costs of the event.  Pay an appropriate amount and add note in space … Continue reading

Shapiro and Fishman Fraudclosure | Two Copies of a Note, Different but the Same

Now how do you explain this? Note #1 (lost note count, copy of note with a single endorsement in blank by Betty Cotton attached to the compliant) Note#2 received as returned exhibit to affirmative defenses which also has a SINGLE endorsement in blank by Debra Sierck… So, we have two different copies of the “original … Continue reading

Dexia Holdings v Countrywide: The Scope of the Fraud on the People, on the US Congress, and on the International Community May Begin to Unfold

Dexia Holding v Countrywide and the Sub-prime Crisis – the Scope of the Fraud May Begin to Unfold By Joseph Zernik Los Angeles, January 27 – upon review of the complaint in Dexia Holdings Inc et al v Countrywide Financial Corp et al,[[i]] it appears that the scope of the fraud on the People, on … Continue reading

State of Arizona vs. Countrywide, Bank of America, et al – Office of Attorney General Terry Goddard Charges Bank of America with Mortgage Fraud

Office of Attorney General Terry Goddard Terry Goddard Charges Bank of America with Mortgage Fraud Complaint Below… (Phoenix, Ariz – Dec. 17, 2010) Attorney General Terry Goddard announced that his Office today filed a lawsuit against Bank of America Corporation and its affiliated companies (“Bank of America”) alleging violations of the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act … Continue reading

Philly Sheriff Sales Blocked in Alleged Foreclosure Fraud

Sheriff Sales Blocked in Alleged Foreclosure Fraud A federal judge this morning granted a temporary restraining order in the U.S. Attorney’s civil case against Anthony J. DeMarco, who was also charged criminally Tuesday in a mortgage foreclosure rescue scheme involving $31 million in fraudulent loans on 120 properties. The restraining order shields an unspecified number … Continue reading

Homeless for The Holidays Rally Protesting Foreclosure Fraud, West Palm Beach Courthouse | Be there or be Homeless

Feel free to share far and wide… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: As already seen in many local, national, and international media outlets… Homeless for Holidays Rally Protesting Foreclosure Fraud West Palm Beach Courthouse WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Thursday, December 9, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., along the east and west sidewalks of the Palm … Continue reading

American Mortgage Investors Places Blame on Servicers for Lack of Loan Mods

Gotta love the in-fighting… For immediate release Contact: 202-327-8100 Tuesday, November 16, 2010 AMI Supports Long Term, Effective, Sustainable Solutions to Avert Foreclosure; Invites Bank Servicers to Join Washington, D.C. – As the Senate Banking Committee reviews the mortgage and foreclosure crisis, the Association of Mortgage Investors (AMI) wishes to clarify the record in response … Continue reading

The Foreclosure Crisis in 30 Seconds: Damon Silvers at the COP

Foreclosuregate ~ I sure could use some…

The Nation’s Most Influential Citizen Agitators Helping to Uncover and Fight Foreclosure Fraud

  (Steve Mitchell/MCT) – Lisa Epstein and Michael Redman, shown October 7, 2010, outside the Palm Beach County Courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida, are two of the nation’s most influential citizen agitators helping to uncover and fight foreclosure fraud and abuse. Read more: ~ I sure could use some…

4closureFraud – US Foreclosure Image is 2008 World Press Photo of the Year

Anthony Suau,/TimeThis picture by US photographer Anthony Suau, for Time won the World Press Photo of the Year 2008 award, it was announced by the organisers on 13 February 2009 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. US Economy in Crisis: Following eviction, Detective Robert Kole must ensure residents have moved out of their home in Cleveland, Ohio, … Continue reading

Front Page Palm Beach Post – “Deadbeat” Gets Revenge

Deadbeat Gets Revenge Brandon Kruse/Palm Beach Post Lisa Epstein talks with guests at E.R. Bradley’s Thursday afternoon, October 14, 2010, during a meeting of the Foreclosure Hamlet. Epstein is a local nurse who started the monthly happy hour group for people dealing with foreclosure to talk to one another and to speak with lawyers about … Continue reading

The Market Ticker – And So It Begins…. (Countrywide Breach of PSA)

From the Ticker And So It Begins…. (Countrywide Breach of PSA) Well well well what do we have here? HOUSTON, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ –Today, the holders of over 25% of the Voting Rights in more than $47 billion of Countrywide-issued RMBS sent a Notice of Non-Performance (Notice) to Countrywide Home Loan Servicing, as Master Servicer … Continue reading