REPOST – Florida Notary Fraud Erin Cullaro – Scandalous – Substantiated Allegations of Foreclosure Fraud That Implicates the Florida Attorney General’s Office and The Florida Default Law Group

Since we are on the subject today, and this site is getting a tremendous amount of traffic due the recent Revelations, I figured this repost would be absolutely appropriate… And maybe, just maybe, it will light a fire under the ass of Attorney General of Florida and force him to initiate an injunction on the … Continue reading

BUYER BEWARE! The Foreclosure StormTroopers ARE Coming To Break Down YOUR Door!

No joke, above or below… And it does not matter if you are facing foreclosure or not! This type of thing is getting way out of hand as I have Link – reported on many many times. Actually, it is a lot worse than can be imagined because most “incidents” go unreported. Again, as I … Continue reading

I Pray this is all not in vain – I don’t know what they are fighting for anymore…

Source: The Not long after a soldier was killed in Afghanistan, his platoon returned home. In his honor, they stood in formation, as they always did, only this time there was a gap where he normally stood; his 2 year-old daughter taking his place in formation. ~

The Shell Game Continues – Media Picks up on Investor Settlements but Where Does the Money Go and Why?

The shell game continues. While the media picks up stories about “settlements” giving rise to the presumption that Countrywide Home Loans and Bank of America and the rest of the securitization players committed various violations of statutes, duties, rules and regulations, the main point gets lost. Where is this money going and WHY? What is … Continue reading

Livinglies – Factual Constipation: The Urge to NOT Disclose

Posted on August 9, 2010 by Neil Garfield… EDITOR’S NOTE: FACTUAL CONSTIPATION is our current state of reality. It is the universal strategy across the board from Wall Street, the pretender lenders, servicers, and all other intermediaries in the gross illusion known as “securitization” of debt. We can’t get the information in court from Judges … Continue reading

Chink in the Armor – Mr. Geeai, Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor

If you have not had a chance to check out previous visits with Mr. Geeai, you can read them at… Chink in the Armor – Mr. Geeai, MERS, and the Search for the Truth… ~ Mr. Geeai, Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor “So come into my workshop,  I want you to see something.” And there … Continue reading

Chink in the Armor – Mr. Geeai, MERS, and the Search for the Truth

Below is some commentary I have been following over at Chink in the Armor blog that I would like to share with the readers here… I have come to enjoy this storyline and the way it attempts to simplify, if that is at all possible, MERS and the foreclosure fiasco… The story starts here with … Continue reading

Promissory Fraud – Consider Using if You had a Predatory Lender?

From: 83jjmack Let’s not forget about promissory fraud. Homeowners were promised many things during the loan origination process that never materialized. Promissory fraud permits the recovery of punitive damages and allows for the avoidance of procedural bars such as Statute of Frauds and parol evidence rule. Promissory fraud can also give rise to criminal liability. … Continue reading

Federal Home Loan Mtge. Corp. v Raia – Foreclosure Fraud, False Allegations, Assignment of Bid Sets Up Steven J. Baum, P.C Foreclosure Mill for Sanction Hearing

District Court of Nassau County, First District Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Petitioner(s) against Paul Raia, “John Doe” Through “Jane Doe”, Respondent(s) SP 002253/10 REPRESENTATION: 4closureFraud dot org Steven J. Baum, P.C., Attorneys for Petitioner, 200 Northpointe Parkway, Suite G, Amherst, New York 14228, 716-204-2400; Jeffrey A. Seigel, by: Rudolph de Winter, of Counsel to … Continue reading

When Denying Loan Mods, Loan Servicers Often Wrongly Blame Investors

When Denying Loan Mods, Loan Servicers Often Wrongly Blame Investors by Karen Weise ProPublica Arthur and Alberta Bailey are about to lose their home near New Orleans, and their mortgage company says one thing stands in the way of relief: The investors who own their mortgage won’t allow any modifications. It’s a story heard again … Continue reading

PBS Need to Know – Elizabeth Warren on The Next Foreclosure Crisis

The 2,300 pages of the Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 comes as home foreclosures have hit a historic high but another potential real estate crisis looms. Many commercial real estate loans will mature soon, and community banks will feel the strain if property owners can’t pay — much in the way bigger financial institutions … Continue reading

Keri Selman Robo-Signer Extraordinaire “MS. SELMAN IS A MILLINER’S DELIGHT BY VITUE OF THE NUMBER OF HATS SHE WEARS.” (Honorable Arthur M. Schack)

Who’s on First? KERI SELMAN In a decision dated July 23, 2007, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Gloria Byrd et al., Case No. A0700643, Court of Common Pleas, Hamilton County, Ohio, Keri Selman executed an Affidavit in Support of Summary Judgment on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. The Court ruled on behalf of Wells … Continue reading

Liening on Banks – Check out this LoopHole to Extinguish Second Mortgages

Second mortgages are next housing banking crisis Well well well.. Lookie here. Some excerpts from the NY Post Liening on Banks Underwater homeowners are jumping onto an unexpected financial life raft that lets them escape crippling second mortgage debts and keep their homes — Chapter 13 bankruptcy. How it works is this: If the home … Continue reading

Florida 4th DCA Rehearing of Riggs v Aurora = Justice Rigged?

Here is an interesting report from Riggs v Aurora = Justice Rigged? rigged –verb (used with object) to manipulate fraudulently to describe situations where unfair advantages are given to one side of a conflict to manipulate in a fraudulent manner, esp for profit to arrange the outcome of by means of deceit to swindle … Continue reading

Foreclosure Fraud to be Discussed on Nationally Syndicated Radio Show The Power Hour

JOIN US TOMORROW MORNING FOR HOURS OF RADIO TIME ON THE NATIONALLY SYNDICATED RADIO SHOW THE POWER HOUR. The show can be heard here Listen Live THURSDAY – JULY 8 – SPECIAL “Foreclosed Upon” FEATURE: Florida foreclosure activist and former guest on TPH LISA EPSTEIN (Foreclosure Hamlet) provides updates to the major headway, and the … Continue reading