Fresh from the Pigs Ass – Bennett’s 2008 Contributor List

Fresh from the Pigs Ass… Scroll down for updates… UPDATE: 04/24/10 Senator Mike Bennett accepted thousands of dollars in contributions in each of his elections from the banking and finance industry.  See the highlighted entries from his campaign contributions report for the 2008 election below. With all of that money coming from the banksters, it’s no wonder … Continue reading

Rally in Tally WEAR 3 News Top Stories Video – Home Owners Facing Foreclosure came to the Capitol Wednesday to Drive a Stake in the Heart of the Bill

WEAR 3 NEWS TOP STORIES VIDEO Click through to view TALLAHASSEE – Bankers in Florida have been pushing legislation to reduce the amount of time it takes to foreclose on a home, but concerns seemed to have stopped the legislation dead in its tracks. A busload of home owners facing foreclosure came to the Capitol … Continue reading

Senator Michael Bennett – You are the Pigs Ass

Straight from The Pigs Ass WOW! TALK ABOUT AN ASS! ARROGANT SENATOR BENNETT, not even pretending to have concern for those thousands losing their homes in his district! For now, Republican Senator Mike Bennett has had to put the bill on hold, because the banks argue the bill is too consumer-friendly. With eight days … Continue reading

Stop Foreclosure Fraud, Homeowners Warn

Stop Foreclosure Fraud, Homeowners Warn By: Alex Tiegen | Posted: April 21, 2010 6:11 PM Cathie Dorman is fighting a legal battle to keep the bank from foreclosing on her house in Stuart, and she wants lawmakers to know it. She joined a group of 30 homeowners and lawyers Wednesday who traveled to the Capitol … Continue reading

Rally in Tally – April Charney Nationally Recognized Foreclosure Fraud Fighter to Start Day Off at 9am

‘Angel’ of Foreclosure Defense April Charney will kick things off at the Rally in Tally! Come hear April Charney speak to a crowd of fellow Foreclosure Fraud Fighters at 9 am! Be sure to Join us at The Rally in Tally Wednesday April 21st, 2010 for a full day at the Capitol Come tell YOUR … Continue reading

Rally in Tally: Homeowner Relief and Housing Recovery Act is a Sham and Shame

by Neil Garfield Editor’s Note: Due process requires that nobody be deprived of life, liberty or property without a judicial determination on the merits of claims against them. Non-judicial procedure runs a thin line that has not actually been tested constitutionally. Assuming it is valid by virtue of the “freedom of contract” doctrine, it still … Continue reading

Palm Beach Post – Activists Heading to Tallahassee to Oppose Judicial Foreclosures

By Kimberly Miller Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Palm Beach Post – Activists Heading to Tallahassee to Oppose Judicial Foreclosures Florida foreclosure activists plan to rally Wednesday morning in the state’s capitol, protesting bank repossessions and proposals that want to take the courts out of some foreclosure proceedings. Two bills floated this session, HB 1523 … Continue reading

Rally in Tally East Coast Bus Route

Get on the Bus! 10pm EST tonight  April 20th  LAKE WORTH ROAD TURNPIKE EXIT 93 Perkins/Holiday Inn parking lot   10pm tonight 7859 Lake Worth Road (just east of the Lake Worth Turnpike entrance. 1am EST  April 21st     TURKEY LAKE SERVICE PLAZA ORLANDO AREA Florida Turnpike MILE MARKER 263 2am EST April 21st TARGET ON ARCHER … Continue reading

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Message to Lawmakers – See the Fraud, Protect the Homeowners

TALLAHASSEE – A groundswell has emerged in support of a group of consumer attorneys who are making their voices heard in Tallahassee on Wednesday on issues impacting homeowners across the state.  Literally hundreds of homeowners are expected to show legislators they reject any law that threatens to take away valuable consumer rights. The attorneys, informally … Continue reading

Why The Rally in Tally? The Foreclosure Mills and MERS Represent A Fundamental Breakdown in Law And Institutions

by Matthew D. Weidner, Esq. The Fight for Homeowner’s Rights that we’re taking to the Florida State Capitol at 9:00 am tomorrow morning is not just about defending homeowner’s rights.  While that is key, it’s frankly much bigger than that. What we need judges, legislators and the public at large to understand is that the … Continue reading

Tampa Tribune – Controversial Foreclosure Bill Protest Set for Tallahassee

By SHANNON BEHNKEN | The Tampa Tribune Published: April 19, 2010 TAMPA – Lawyers and consumer advocates plan a rally in Tallahassee Wednesday to protest a controversial bill that would speed up foreclosures in Florida. The legislative bill would allow lenders to foreclose on homeowners without approval from a judge in as little as 90 days. … Continue reading

MORTGAGE JUSTICE GROUP – How to Kill a Bankster’s Bill in FL or YOUR State

FLORIDA – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! #1 in fraudulent lending #1 in fraudulent foreclosures #1 in 10,000 prior felon loan officers #2 in foreclosures (until next year?) See you guys in Tallahassee this Wednesday for those who can afford the time and money to get there!! We are sending a message at the “Rally in Tally” that … Continue reading


FLORIDA HOMEOWNERS TO RALLY AT THE CAPITAL THIS WEEK Posted on April 19, 2010 by Neil Garfield For all of you who can not attend the Historic Rally in Tally, and still want to be part of the event, below is a press release that can be sent by email, fax, or phone to all of … Continue reading

Sun Sentinel – Rally in Tally planned on foreclosure crisis

Rally in Tally planned on foreclosure crisis A coalition of attorneys and activists is planning a rally Wednesday in Tallahassee to highlight the foreclosure crisis. Using the image of Freedom Rides – Civil Rights-era bus trips in which riders pushed for an end to segregation in the South at bus terminals, restaurants and other public … Continue reading

Rally in Tally – East Coast Bus Location and Time Confirmed

Bus will be departing out of the Perkins/Holiday Inn Parking lot off the Lake Worth Road Turnpike exit#93 at 10pm Tuesday night. We still have some seats available. GET ON THE BUS! HELLO Fellow Foreclosure Fraud Fighters! WE are off and running with the details of our Freedom Ride. Tomorrow, Tuesday April 20th at 10pm … Continue reading